• Garmin Fenix Chronos Titanium Watch Titanium, TITANIUM HYBRID BAND

Garmin Fenix Chronos Titanium Watch Titanium, TITANIUM HYBRID BAND

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Brand Garmin
If you put your head down for the last few years and woke up from a nap now, you wouldn't be blamed for barely recognizing the new crop of "watches" gracing your compatriots wrists as they run, golf, hike, and ski. As a pioneer of the original fitness watches, Garmin continues to push this charge toward the future with models like the Fenix Chronos Titanium Watch. Delivering an unprecedented array of features in a sleek, futuristic design, the Fenix Chronos blends everyday style with an astonishing amount of fitness watch capabilities. Garmin understands that we live in a busy world, so the Fenix Chronos comes prepared to transition from your everyday life to your active one seamlessly using high-end materials and classic aesthetics. The watch transitions easily from business lunches to golf course outings, telling you the time during the former and breaking down yardage during the latter. Additionally, you'll gain full access to all major running, swimming, and cycling metrics, including compatibility with Garmin Vector power meter pedals for cycling, as well as 24/7 activity and sleep tracking and speed and distance calculations during skiing and paddle sports. Head out on your annual hunting trip and wow your group with the Fenix Chronos' hunting and fishing calendars, sun and moon information, and area calculation, including "bread crumb trail" tracking to prevent navigation issues from sending you off-course. GLONASS satellite and GPS technology installed in the watch collaborate to give you weather reports and physiological measurements as well, making this one of the most advanced fitness watches currently on the market today.
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